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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 and 2010 Links

Links and documention that can be use by community for MOSC2011.

Its will be uploaded into

1) Booklets

MSC OSCONF 2009 Booklet

MOSC2010 Booklet

2) Speakers

MSC OSCONF 2009 Speakers

MOSC 2010 Speakers

3) Sponsorship

MSC OSCONF 2009 Sponsorship Packages

MOSC2010 Sponsorship Packages

4) Participants

MSC OSCONF 2009 Participants Packages

MOSC2010 Participants Packages

5) Schedule

MSC OSCONF 2009 Schedule

MOSC2010 Schedule

6) Venue

MSC OSCONF 2009 and MOSC2010 at the same venue Berjaya Time Square

7) Related Video @ Youtube

Video Dinner MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009

Launching of by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

MOSC2010 Opening

8) Master Plan